Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A little update

So I really haven't blogged on this blog since a couple friends and I started our blog.
So heres a little family update, really not much to report.

Christmas was great! My brother came up from LA, with his girly friend Nicole. It was a busy week and I was sure glad to be back on schedule when school started up again.
A really good friend of mine, Sara and her beautiful family was here on holiday from Australia. We had a little dinner with friends.
We started hockey up again......seems as if I really never got a break. Kaden will be playing in a few pick up games this February. He's pretty excited about that. And of course as soon as hockey ends baseball is starting. Gawd, does it ever end! So I guess I have all summer to relax with NO sports to attend!
Ryan and I will be married for 5 years this month and will be together for 10 years this May. Boy....10 years! Holy Cow, time flies when your busy having fun! Haaaaa

Spring, Spring hurry and get here! Can't wait to plant my garden at my new house. Sun is shining today and looks fantastic out!

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